Reading Notes from the Staff Line is an OPTION, Not a Requirement.

You have come to the Bass Guitar Lessons page. Bass guitar, like guitar, does not have to start with reading notes off the staff line. That takes memorizing so many things, like types of notes, types of rests, notes on the staff line, key signatures and much more. Mike never would say that reading notes is not a good thing, and he would say, if you want to go to a college or university to study the bass guitar, you must be able to read notes on the bass clef. He can certainly help you do that, but there are easier and faster methods.

This is one of Mike's students who has come a long way using bass tablature that Mike has shown him as well as bass tabs from books and the Internet. Bass tabs are all over the internet. Just google it.


However, tabs are not nearly enough. They went through being able to quickly find any note on the neck of the bass, scale patterns and the explanation (theory) supporting those, what a key is, ear training, how to find the key of a song, which chords are likely to be used in each key, and chord progressions. You see, the bass must be able to play notes that support the chords played by the other musicians. So bass players are actually playing chords and more. They just usually do it one note at a time.

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As with the guitar, learning songs note for note gives you the ammunition to play exactly the way the pros played on recordings and the ability to create your own bass accompaniments and solos.

Still, you need to understand what you are playing. Mike teaches complete scale theory including major scales, pentatonic scales, different forms of each, and which notes from the scales are required to achieve the mood of the song, such as minor, seventh, augmented and much more. The pro players fill the gaps and are in league with the drummer to become the rhythm section of any band. Together they lay the ground work that all the other musicians rely upon to not only keep the beat, but dynamically create excitement or subtlety in songs.


Mike has helped beginners to pros. He can make you a better

bass player and it won't take nearly as long as you might think.

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