Reading Notes from the Staff Line is an OPTION, Not a Requirement.

Piano Lessons at Mike Ellis Music Instruction are geared toward real world, modern piano playing. In songs that you hear on the radio or Internet, the singer sings while the piano plays accompaniment behind the singer. This accompaniment is chords a majority of the time. Mike starts students playing chords and a song on the very first lesson.


In fact, you can learn every major chord on the piano in just minutes with the FREE Android app, Chordmaster P1. Click on the image below to learn more about it.

BEGINNERS: Mike starts by showing the students how easy it is to make any major chord, like the free app shows, and then he shows them how to alter the major chords to get minor chords. With just major and minor chords, you can play a majority of the popular songs in a simplified way. He encourages the students to play with the songs they have on their phones or other devices. This way, they get to play along with the vocalist, bass player, drummer or whoever is performing on the recording.

Music Lessons for the 21st Century

GUITAR PIANO BASS BANJO Mike Ellis Music Instruction

INTERMEDIATE and ADVANCED: The book Chordmaster Chord Theory for Keyboard is a required book that teaches the students music theory, scales, and how to make and understand over 5,000 piano chords in just 56 pages.  Mike can teach the students to read notes the conventional way, but after playing along with their favorite artists, going back to "hot cross buns" is a giant step backwards for them. It is because of this that Mike uses the NUME method.


This is a New Understanding of Musical Expression that you can read about by clicking the N.U.M.E. link above. It makes reading notes exponentially faster than the conventional method and gives students the ability to learn complex pieces of music the way tablature for guitar does for guitar students. You can also see the results by clicking on the Videos and Testimonials link.

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